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Wow David, you were magnificent. A brilliant Magician and charming too. Our guests loved it and we all can't speak highly enough of you and your craft.

Thank you so much for helping to make our evening a Great Success.  

                            Rachael Barber- Gordon Barber funeral home.a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's 



I have  performed for groups of 300 plus people at

weddings and corporate events, all the way down to 10

people at a private BBQ .

Your guests will never forget the amazement that I

will introduce,  mixed with a good sense of fun meaning

your party will be well remembered and will be talked

about for months to come.


My performance is a unique form of entertainment that

can have a very strong impact on the clients or guests at

your next important event.


Close Up Magic is a great way to enhance your

next important corporate or private party/event. I will mix with standing groups and perform table magic. Both these forms of magic will amaze and astound your guests. Because my magic is performed so close, right in front of the guests faces, they cannot deny what they have just seen. I am able to move amongst your guests with ease, I have a relaxed style and a great sense of humour.


Relaxing guests with a touch of magic.

I love performing at conferences‚ fund raising dinners and presentations.

When lots of work colleagues get together for formal events, I can  help everyone to relax. Making both workers and management come together and enjoy the event as one.


Mix & Mingle Magic on arrival.

I can spend some time as the guests arrive performing with small groups of people as they have a drink and are getting to know everyone. This is a great, "ice-breaker" at the start of the event.


Performing round the tables during dinner.

As your diners are seated I can perform with  table magic, creating laughter and amazement as I move from table to table creating a great atmosphere at the event.

I can use hypnosis and mentalism too, this is sometimes of concern, but I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and understand the safe use of this natural half dream state that we actually flip in and out of all the time normally from day to day.






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