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Scientists have calculated that the chances of something so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one.
But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten.”
― Terry Pratchett



Greetings and Welcome to my site. My name is David as you have probably gathered.  I am a professional, qualified and insured performer.

You may have arrived here after meeting me and having  magic  performed for you or you may have just stumbled upon my web creation by chance. However you got here, Hello.

I've been practising the art of  magic for many years, although magic doesn't actually exist, what I do does feel like magic. I believe in bringing amazement, fun and laughter to all that I can. 


My love for understanding the workings of the mind have brought about a true passion for pure and real entertainment for any event from weddings to corporate events with highly honed magic skills and a lively  sense of humour.  I believe it is my purpose to bring fun, laughter and a sense that anything is possible to my interactions with people, I feel that life is made up of moments and we remember the truly magical ones, of course weddings, parties and meeting a magician always sticks in the mind. 


I  perform from group to group and table to table, ideal for Weddings, parties and  corporate events bringing amazement, laughter and fun.


I use Magic  as well as pickpocket skills and a great understanding of hypnosis, mentalism and psychology to create amazement, fun and laughter, giving guests plenty to talk about for a long time after, making a truly memorable occasion. 


I love to break the ice and give your guests something to talk about, leaving them with memories of real amazement and fun at any event I attend.


David very kindly performs at some of our charity events, found him extremely versatile in his range of tricks and also great patter too. As good, if not better, than any of the magicians that are on TV nowadays in my opinion.

                           Steven Ho, Starthrowers  charity  Wymondham

It lifts all by itself.......
Hypnotized to be a statue

5 Star. We booked David for our wedding and he made our day, all the guests loved him, his magic tricks were brilliant and he had everybody around him all evening, Spellbound!!

                                           Stephen and Louie Cole

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